Greetings. Welcome to my page. Thanks for dropping by. I am Serendipity, and I write stories and poetry.

Ever since I can remember, almost every aspect of my life involved books. Learning to read at quite a young age, I had a voracious appetite for books. I never had enough books to satisfy me. Naturally, this love for reading translated into writing.

I usually write poetry that deal with fantasy, philosophy, and humanitarian issues. I also write short stories, and am working on my first novel.

Feel free to browse through my works, and if you like them, let your friends know too!

I shall end my little speech now with a poem to introduce you to my world.


18 May 2016

Come with me and fly away,
Far away to my place of zen,
Where pearls glisten in the blue bay,
Where the fire unicorn rules the glen.

Come and roll down the lush meadow,
Wildflowers abound releasing their sweet scent,
Down the rainbow bayou we shall row,
Free from all wants and discontent.

Come pluck the twinkling, glittering stars,
Wear them on your sleeves and dance,
Let’s sit astride the mammoth jaguar,
Let him stride across the luminescent expanse.

Come with me my guileless child,
Lets lay on the boughs of Mother Oak,
Below us the fantastic beasts run wild,
While we are lulled to sleep by the fairy folk.

Come with me and enter my realm,
For there your innocence will be kept secure,
As it repels all those who wish you harm,
Forevermore you shall not see pain and fear.

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Thank you again, and and may the Great Earth Mother bless you.